Here are 37 most awesome and useful psychological tricks and facts.

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  1. To make people speak about something, you stay silent and they will start talking out of embarrassment.
  2. If someone is being dickhead to you, tell them that they have something in their nose. That will make them feel self-conscious and weird and they will stop being dick.
  3. This one works amazingly, if you want to get a way in a crowded street keep looking to the path you want to go. Pretend that you are chasing someone.
  4. If you want someone to like you ask them a small favor or borrow their pen.
  5. Ask your kids to eat fruits or anything like this “Honey, you want 3 apples or 2 apples to eat”. It give them choice and they feel like it’s their own choice.
  6. Dogs are good to be around when you are feeling lonely
  7. If you want someone to like you call them by their name.
  8. If you want to sell something talk less and listen more.
  9. Fake it till you make it when it comes to confidence. It tricks your mind. It works all the time. Don’t know how.
  10. While laughing at some joke people tend to look at someone, they feel comfortable or feel close to.
  11. You can manipulate anyone by using five things, which marketer use to do with you. Reciprocity, scarcity, commitment & consistency, social proof and liking.
  12. Fake smiling makes you feel happier.
  13. Always show that you love your job. Never show that you NEED your job.
  14. If you don’t want to cry (for whatever reasons) counting backwards from 7 is a good way to get your mind to switch mental tracks.
  15. If you want to be interesting you have to be interested.
  16. Dog psychology: Dogs have the instinct to chase, rather than be chased, so if they ever get away from you, try to run away from them (while making it obvious to the dog that you are doing so) they will get back to you.
  17. Reciprocity, if you do something for someone without expecting anything back most probably, they will do the same.
  18. If there is scarcity of something you want to get that thing more. e.g. limited editions
  19. Commitment and consistency. If I do step one i will go for 2nd as well. e.g. If I put something in shopping cart I might as well sign up for website.
  20. Social proof, if someone is saying it then it might be true. Marketers use that technique.
  21. When studying for exam sit like you are actually sitting in exam hall.
  22. Always study with someone who study more. Doing so your competition will kick in.
  23. Never study something all at once, always breaks/intervals. This way you will learn faster, concentrate more and feel an urge to study for long time consistently.
  24. If you feel conscious about small dick, shave your pubes, it will look bigger to you and your partner.
  25. Fear is mind killer.
  26. Use mirroring effect if you want to convince someone, sell something or communicate effectively. It works.
  27. If you have anxiety, try just not getting anxious. It tricks your mind by signaling “normal.”
  28. Kill people with kindness. Don’t get angry in an argument. When you be cool, they feel very embarrassed afterward.
  29. People believe that what they feel must be true automatically. So be mindful about people’s feelings. People are not rational they’re emotional.
  30. We expect our sacrifices and self-denial to pay off, as if someone is keeping the score. We feel anxious when the reward doesn’t come. Be careful.
  31. If you feel down or low try to meditate for a while or play any mind focusing game for few minutes. Don’t know how but it works.
  32. When you are going through some stressful and emotional time, verbally telling yourself to stop can actually help you calm down.
  33. Mindfulness meditation improves your quality of life significantly in different areas.
  34. Academic success, sleep, as well as levels of happiness, awareness, and concentration are all improved after one or several sessions of mindful meditation or doing such kind of activity equivalent to meditation.
  35. When listening to a girl’s complain don’t try to solve the problem or tell don’t worry. Just listen.
  36. The qualities that attract you to a person in the start of dating, are often the same qualities that make you lose interest or break up.
  37. If song is stuck in your mind, to get rid of it, listen complete song once again.